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Accessing Your Shareworks Account

You can access your Shareworks account via the website or the Shareworks app.

Website: go to www.BHPBshareplus.com and click on the ‘View your portfolio and personal information’ button

You will need your account number (starting with ‘CS’) / username / employee number (starting with the number ‘2’) and your password.

To sell or transfer your Matched/Acquired Shares, click on the ‘Share Purchase and Holdings’ tab and the ‘Transact’ link and follow the online instructions. For further information on navigating the Shareworks website, see the Documents tab at www.bhpbshareplus.com.

Shareworks App: download the Shareworks App from the App Store

How do I contact the Plan Administrator?

Shareplus is administered by Shareworks, a wholly owned subsidiary of Morgan Stanley

You can contact Shareworks by sending an email to BHPBShareplus@solium.com.or directly on;

Toll Free - Australia 1 800 260 907 (10am - 4pm AEST)

Toll Free - United Kingdom 0800 086 8051 (8:30am - 4:30pm GMT)

Toll Free - Singapore 800 852 3046 (10am - 4pm SGT)

Toll Free – Chile 800 914 119 (9am - 5.30pm CLT)

Toll Free – Malaysia 1800 813 773 (8am – 2pm MYT)

Toll Free - North America 1 844 776 1597 (6am - 6pm MST)

International - 1 403 515 3956 (6am - 6pm MST) and 1 403 515 3909 (after 6pm MST)