Relocating employeees


I am relocating. Is there anything I need to do in relation to my Shareplus participation?

If you relocate during the year, payroll will advise the Plan Administrator of your move on your behalf.  You should check your payslips to ensure contributions continue to be deducted from your pay.

I have relocated, and contributions have not been deducted from my salary. Can I make backdated payments?

No, it is not possible to make backdated or additional payments to cover the months you have missed. Please contact your HR Manager or HR Business Partner immediately if you are no longer contributing.

As a result of my relocation I am now working for a different BHP company. Will this change the plan (Limited vs. Plc) that I participate in?

The relevant company is your employing company (the ultimate parent entity, being either the BHP Group Limited or Plc entity). Your employing entity will not necessarily change if you relocate.

For example:

Your employing company is BHP Billiton Petroleum (Americas) Inc (which is a Limited company) and you have been relocated to BHP Billiton International Services in the UK (which is a Plc company):

  • If your employer has not actually changed to BHP Billiton International Services, then the relevant plan for your share awards (including Shareplus) is still Limited for the duration of your assignment.
  • If your relocation involved a change of employer to BHP Billiton International Services, then your relevant plan would change to Plc at that time.


International Relocations

Following my relocation, my salary currency has changed. What do I do about my contributions?

Your nominated annual contribution amount will be applied in your new payroll currency - for example, if you were contributing at the maximum in your previous currency, your contributions will continue at the maximum rate in your new payroll currency. You cannot restate your contribution rate when you change payroll currency - but you can cease contributions if you do not want your contributions to continue at the same rate in your new currency.

I am on secondment/international relocation/assignment and am being paid from multiple payrolls. Can I choose which payroll to contribute from?

No, contributions will be deducted from your host country payroll in your host country currency, unless special circumstances exist which prevents this (e.g. no host payroll facilities). This provides simple, consistent and transparent treatment for all internationally mobile employees.

I have undertaken a secondment/international relocation/assignment. How will this affect the stock exchange on which my shares will be purchased?

It depends on whether you have changed employer (Limited or Plc) and what country you have moved from and to. Your details will be updated with the Plan Administrator with assistance from BHP’s Global Mobility team and relevant HR /payroll. You will subsequently be advised of any relevant changes. Please also refer to the below information on changing employer, and to the Plans and stock exchanges Q&A. For example:

  1. I am employed by a Limited company and I am leaving Australia. My employer is not changing. Will my shares still be purchased on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX)?
    • If you are moving to the United States, any contributions after you move will be used to purchase Acquired Shares on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).
    • If you are moving to any other country e.g. Chile, Singapore, UK, etc then your shares will continue be purchased on the ASX.
  2. I was employed in Australia by a Limited company and I am moving to the UK. Will I start to receive shares purchased on the London Stock Exchange (LSE) instead?
    • If your employer is not changing as a result of your relocation, i.e. will still be employed by a Limited company, your Acquired shares will continue to be purchased on the ASX.
    • If you change employer to a Plc company, then any contributions after you move will be used to purchase Acquired shares on the LSE.

What happens if I end up with shares on a number of different stock exchanges because I have moved locations and employing companies?

All of your shares on each of the different exchanges will be held in one Shareplus account on Shareworks (the Plan Administrator’s website). You will be able to see your shares and sell them through Shareworks. Please note, as BHP covers the costs and brokerage for shares sold through the Plan, you will not have higher costs than other participants. The proceeds of sale can be remitted to your bank account in a common currency. You can also provide bank account details for all of your holdings on your account, and thereby receive the dividends on all of your shares in a common currency and location.