Ceasing Contributions


How do I stop my contributions to Shareplus?

You can cease your contributions to Shareplus at any time (subject to compliance with Our Requirements for Securities Dealing standard) by completing a Cease Contributions form online via Shareworks or by calling the Plan Administrator directly. Your request to stop contributing from Shareplus will be actioned as soon as your completed form is processed (note that this may not be before the next payroll deduction if there is insufficient time allowed).

What happens to any contributions for the current quarter (i.e. that has not been used to buy shares yet)?

If your completed Cease Contributions Form is processed before the next Shareplus purchase is made, then no further shares will be purchased for you and you will receive a refund of your contributions for that quarter. Your contributions will be made available to you to withdraw from your Shareworks account or by contacting the Plan Administrator directly.

What happens to any Acquired Shares purchased in prior quarters?

If you cease contributions during the plan year, any Acquired Shares already purchased during the plan year will remain in the plan, and in trust, for the remainder of the Holding Period unless you choose to sell or transfer them (refer to the Acquired Shares Q&A for further information). The Holding Period on your Acquired Shares and any entitlements to Matched Shares for the current year, and for any previous Shareplus plan years, are not affected if you choose to stop making contributions. 

If I cease contributions, can I recommence making contributions later in the plan year? What if I change my mind?

Once you choose to cease making contributions, you can only restart making contributions by enrolling in the next Shareplus plan year, in the following April.