Holding Period

When does the Holding Period end?

The Holding Period is approximately three years from the start of the Plan Year. For Shareplus 2022 the Holding Period will end on the first non-Prohibited Period date after 6 April 2025 The Holding Period will be reduced for leavers.

Can I sell or transfer my Acquired Shares during the Holding Period?

Yes, participants are able to sell or transfer their Acquired Shares as described in the previous section of this Q&A.

Please note that if you sell or transfer Acquired Shares during the Holding Period you will lose the right to receive Matched Shares in respect of the Acquired Shares you sell or transfer.

Will I be able to receive Matched Shares if I leave BHP during the Holding Period?

Your eligibility to receive Matched Shares will depend on your reason for leaving, as set out in the Leaving Q&A.

Can I still participate in the plan if I leave during a Holding Period?

No, you must still be an employee to participate in Shareplus.

What happens at the end of the Holding Period?

At the end of the Holding Period, you will be given a Matched Share for each Acquired Share you hold.

What happens if I no longer hold any Acquired Shares at the end of the Holding Period?

You will not be entitled to receive any Matched Shares.