Purchasing shares


How are the shares purchased?

Your Acquired Shares are purchased using the contributions that have been deducted from your after-tax salary each pay period. Your payroll will collect your contributions and transfer them to the Plan Administrator after each pay period, in order for the Plan Administrator to purchase the shares. You decide how much you want to contribute towards purchasing shares when you enrol. Once you have enrolled, you cannot change your annual contribution amount, although you can cease your contributions to Shareplus at any time (subject to compliance with Our Requirements for Securities Dealing standard). 

Who purchases the shares?

The Plan Administrator converts the contributions to the relevant exchange currency and purchases the shares (for example, contributions are converted into AUD for shares to be purchased on the ASX)

How often are shares purchased?

Shares are purchased each quarter over the Plan Year - during the last weeks of September, December, March and June each year.

When is the first purchase of shares in respect of each plan year?

In September.

What share price is used to calculate how many shares are purchased?

The share price used to calculate your Acquired Shares is the share price that is paid for the shares on the relevant stock market at the time of purchase.

What happens if there are any contributions left over after each quarterly purchase?

Any remaining contributions (i.e. that were insufficient to buy another whole share) are added to your contributions for the next quarterly purchase.

What happens if there are any contributions left over all four quarterly purchases?

Any remaining contributions are rolled over to the next plan year. If you cease contributing to Shareplus or leave BHP any residual contributions that have not been used to purchase shares will be refunded to you.