Share in our success

Shareplus is BHP’s all employee share plan which gives you, our employee, the opportunity to share in our success and become a shareholder – essentially an owner - in our Company. The Plan provides an easy opportunity to invest in shares and receive a generous match from BHP.

Shareplus allows you to contribute your own funds that will be used to purchase BHP shares and, subject to certain conditions including continued employment, BHP will give you one share for every purchased share you hold at the end of a specified period (called the Holding Period), effectively doubling the amount of shares purchased.  Whatever stage you have reached in your career with BHP and however much you choose to invest (anything between USD200 to the maximum annual limit of USD 5,000), the Plan will complement your existing reward package.

What’s in it for BHP?

A share plan that is open to all eligible employees explicitly links individual and collective success and encourages employees to become owners in their Company. We hope that your participation in our Plan will help to drive your performance towards the success of our collective goal – to be the global leader of mining long term assets. Offering such a Plan also enhances our position as an employer of choice, meaning that we will continue to attract and retain the best talent for our organisation. With the best people, we can do the best work – resulting in stronger performance and greater success and rewards.

How does the Plan work?

Once you enroll in Shareplus, you will make after-tax contributions from your salary to Shareplus in each pay period. These contributions are used by the Plan Administrator to buy BHP shares and hold them in trust on your behalf. These are referred to as Acquired Shares. Any Acquired Shares you still hold in the Plan three years later (e.g. in April 2024) will be matched by BHP on a one for one basis (subject to certain Matching Conditions including continued employment). These additional shares are referred to as Matched Shares

Purchasing Shares

The number of Acquired Shares purchased through Shareplus will vary, depending on:

  • how much you choose to contribute to Shareplus;
  • exchange rates at the time that each of your contributions are converted to relevant exchange currency; and
  • the BHP share price on the relevant stock exchange at the time the Acquired Shares are purchased.

Holding Period and Matching Conditions

In order to qualify for Matched Shares you must meet two conditions within the Holding Period:

  • you must still be employed by a BHP Group company (i.e. either BHP Group Limited or BHP Group Plc); and
  • you must still be holding all or some of your Acquired Shares through the Plan Administrator.

If you meet these conditions, BHP will allocate your Matched Shares.

The Holding Period for Shareplus 2021 begins on 1 April 2021 and ends on the first practicable date after 8 April 2024 as determined by BHP. This period will be reduced in the event you leave BHP as detailed in the Q&A section of this guide.

At the end of the Holding Period

Following the allocation of Matched Shares, you can choose to hold, sell or transfer your shares. 

  • Hold: Your Acquired and Matched Shares will continue to be held in your Shareplus account through the Plan Administrator until such time as you choose to either sell or transfer them:
  • Sell: You can sell your shares via the Plan Administrator or a registered stockbroker, subject to Our Requirements for Securities Dealing
  • Transfer: You can transfer the shares to the relevant share registry under what is called an ‘issuer sponsored’ shareholding (or similar arrangement depending on the stock exchange).

It is important to note that the value of your Acquired Shares and the Matched Shares will vary depending on the BHP share price, and the relevant exchange rate if applicable, at the time that you choose to sell your shares and receive a cash payment. Also, if you choose to sell some of your Acquired Shares during the Holding Period then this will affect the value and number of Matched Shares you receive at the end of the Holding Period as you will not receive any Matched Shares for the Acquired Shares you have sold.

How can I find out more?

For further information, please refer to the following Q&A section of this Participant Guide.

This guide is a summary only. Shareplus is governed by the rules of the BHP Billiton Group Global Employee Share Plan and the Shareplus 2021 Terms and Conditions. If there is any conflict between this Guide, the Plan Rules, Terms and Conditions or any applicable law, the Rules, Terms and Conditions and applicable law will take precedence.