Selling Shares


Can I sell my Matched Shares once they have been allocated to me?

Yes, (subject to the operation of Our Requirements for Securities Dealing). The first date that you will be able to sell your Matched Shares will depend on whether BHP needs to withhold or sell any shares to settle withholding taxes on your behalf (as described above and in the Tax on Matched Shares section of this document), and what exchange your shares are held on.

The first date that you will generally be able to sell or transfer your Matched Shares will be 7 April 2021 if you do not have a mandatory tax withholding liability, and within the next three business days if you do have a mandatory tax withholding liability.

When dealing with any shares you must ensure that you comply with Our Requirements for Securities Dealing which can be downloaded from the BHP Digital Workspace.

Does Our Requirements for Securities Dealing affect me?

Yes. Under Our Requirements for Securities Dealing, a sale of shares is a “dealing” and you should not deal in BHP securities if you have inside information.

If you are an Employee Insider you will have received formal notification of this from the Company Secretariat team. Under Our Requirements for Securities Dealing, all Employee Insiders must receive clearance prior to dealing in BHP securities. Further information can be found at Our Requirements for Securities Dealing located on the BHP Digital Workspace.

How can I sell my shares?

Shares held in the Shareworks account (including Acquired Shares and Matched Shares) can be sold through the online sale facility in your Shareworks account. To access your Shareworks account, please go to and click on the ‘View your portfolio and personal information’ button.

To access your Shareworks account you will need your account number (starting with ‘CS’) / username / employee number (starting with the number ‘2’) and your password as described in the Accessing your Shareworks account section of this document. Click on the ‘Share Purchase and Holdings’ tab and the ‘Transact’ link and follow the online instructions to sell your shares once you login to your account.

I do not have access to a computer. How can I sell my shares?

You can sell your shares by contacting Shareworks directly on;

  • Toll Free - Australia 1 800 260 907 (10am - 4pm AEST)
  • Toll Free - United Kingdom 0800 086 8051 (8:30am - 4:30pm GMT)
  • Toll Free - Singapore 800 852 3046 (10am - 4pm SGT)
  • Toll Free - Chile 800 914 119 (9am - 5.30pm CLT)
  • Toll Free - Malaysia 1 800 813 773 (8am - 2pm MYT)
  • Toll Free - North America 1 844 776 1597 (6am - 6pm MST)
  • International - 1 403 515 3956 (6am – 6pm MST) and 1 403 515 3909 (after 6pm MST)

Will there be any costs of sale?

When you instruct the Shareplus administrator to sell your shares on your behalf, BHP covers any costs of the sale. There may, however, be costs for you (such as bank fees) in transferring/receiving the proceeds of sale in your chosen currency as described below.

What notification will I receive confirming the withholding or sale of my shares has taken place?

You will not receive a notification that the withholding or sale has been settled. You can check the sale online at any time by logging onto your Shareworks account and clicking on the Share Purchase and Holdings tab at the top of the page and then View Transaction History from the left hand tool bar.

Do I have to sell my shares by a specific date?

No, your shares will remain in the Shareplus Nominee account until you sell or transfer them or you cease employment with BHP. When you leave BHP your shares will remain in the Shareplus Nominee account for six months. After this time, they will be transferred to the ordinary shareholder register.

How will any sale proceeds be distributed?

You can elect how you wish to receive your sale proceeds. The options available are:

  • Direct Credit (for GBP, AUD, and USD accounts only not requiring currency conversions)
  • Foreign Currency Wire

How long will it take for me to receive sale proceeds?

You should receive your sale proceeds into your nominated bank account within approximately one week of the trade settlement date.

Can Shareworks pay sale proceeds in any currency?

No. Only selected currencies are available. If selling online you will only be presented with those currencies available to your country.