Joining the Plan


How do I join?

Eligible employees will be invited to join the plan either via email from the Plan Administrator (for those employees with email addresses) or through their HR contact (for those without email addresses).

How many opportunities per year are there to join?

There is one annual enrolment period which is in the month of April. BHP may choose to provide additional enrolment opportunities through the plan year, this will be at their discretion and is not guaranteed in any way.

When does the Shareplus 2022 Plan Year commence?

The Plan Year commences on 1 June 2022, with deductions of contributions commencing in the first pay period in June 2022.

Do I have to join each plan year?

Once you have enrolled in Shareplus, you will be automatically re-enrolled in the following year’s plan unless you advise otherwise. You can cease your participation in the Plan, including making contributions, at any time. If you wish to be enrolled at the maximum contribution amount each year you will need to choose this option when you enrol or amend your enrolment each year. 

Can I leave the plan during the plan year?

Yes, you can leave the plan and cease your contributions to Shareplus at any time (subject to compliance with Our Requirements for Securities Dealing standard) by completing a Ceasing Contributions online through Shareworks or by contacting the Plan Administrator directly. Please refer to the Ceasing Contributions section of this Q&A for further information.

Your Acquired Shares will, however, continue to be held in the plan unless you choose to sell or transfer them out of Shareworks.

You should note that if you sell or transfer Acquired Shares during the Holding Period you will forfeit the right to receive Matched Shares in respect of the Acquired Shares.

If you stop making contributions to the plan at any time during the plan year you cannot join the plan again until the next enrolment period (generally annually in April). For example if you cease contributions from Shareplus 2022 in November 2022 you would not be able to re-join Shareplus again until April 2023.