Plans and stock exchanges


Can I choose to participate in either the Limited or Plc plan?

No. Employees who are employed by BHP Group Limited or one of its subsidiary companies participate in the Limited plan. Employees who are employed by BHP Group Plc or one of its subsidiary companies participate in the Plc plan.

What is the reason for the two plans?

We require two plans because of our dual listing company structure. Your shares need to be issued in your employing company’s ultimate parent entity (either BHP Group Ltd or BHP Group Plc) otherwise there are likely to be adverse tax and securities law consequences for you (and in some cases for BHP).

Where can I find details of my employing company?

Your employing company with the BHP Group is shown in your offer letter or contract of employment. Your HR Manager or HR Business Partner should also have this information.

How will I know if my company is a Limited subsidiary or a Plc subsidiary?

A list of companies and the associated Limited or Plc Plan information can be found in the BHP Group List of Companies table on the Shareplus website,

I have undertaken a relocation/secondment/international assignment. How will this affect the stock exchange on which my shares will be purchased?

The relevant company is your ultimate employing company (the ultimate parent entity, being either the BHP Group Limited or Plc entity). Your employing entity will not necessarily change if you relocate.

For example:

Your employing company is BHP Billiton Petroleum (Americas) Inc (which is a Limited company) and you have been relocated to BHP Billiton International Services in the UK (which is a Plc company):

  • If your employer has not actually changed to BHP Billiton International Services, then the relevant plan for your share awards (including Shareplus) is still Limited for the duration of your assignment.
  • If your relocation involved a change of employer to BHP Billiton International Services, then your relevant plan would change to Plc at that time.=

Please refer to the Relocating employees Q&A for further information and more relocation examples.

On which stock exchange will my shares be purchased?

The stock or securities exchange on which your shares will be purchased will depend on your employing company (Limited or Plc) and the country in which you are located. Securities purchased on the NYSE will be in the form of American Depositary Receipts (ADRs) each of which represents 2 ordinary fully paid shares in BHP Group Limited.

What do I do if I believe that my shares have been purchased under the wrong plan/company or on the wrong stock exchange?

BHP will determine your employing entity and the related stock exchange to purchase your shares on based on our records. Your relevant entity and stock exchange will be specified in your enrolment or re-enrolment confirmation communication following the enrolment period. If you believe that you have been enrolled in an incorrect plan (Limited or Plc), please send an email immediately to for further advice. Please note, if shares are purchased on the wrong exchange, BHP is unable to reverse this.